Developing world class mobile app for your school with your desire

We understand this growing concern to every school to meet up with digital needs to stand to the competition. Team Edusense in vision to help schools and enhance their service we introduce Free Mobile app with research more than 5 years, Development for more than 3 years and successful implementation past 2 year bringing state of the art application to take control of general need of the school and make it digital

  • Zero cost development without any development knowledge
  • Reliable & Highly secure
  • No Manpower needed to support
  • User-friendly and Stable
  • Best performance with the power of cloud
  • Get your app delivered and support materials in just few hours

Communication secure and managed like your favorite chat app

  • Share documents, videos, audios and voice note
  • Multilingual and real-time translation
  • Private Chat
  • Templates to make it easy
  • Auto reminders, Task & Attendance

Marking and Managing Attendance is never been so easy

  • Auto Attendance with optional magic card
  • Easy “only absent” click attendance register
  • Auto mark attendance from leave note message
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Manage you complete school with web panel

Fee collection on the Go

  • Collect fee from parents mobile and panel for your fee collection staff
  • Digital payment collection direct to your account
  • Manage your own policy and rules of fee
  • Remind parent regularly for timely fee collection
  • Accountable data for you accounting solutions like tally

Schedule a plan for a whole annual year and relax

  • Timetable1 managemment with auto daily schedule
  • Plan syllabus and lectures and maintain digital record
  • Guides teacher and day plan and lecture plan
  • Mark notes, assignment, documents and media and share
  • Follow up with auto task and reminders

Make it loud and clear

  • Announce across the institution and send notice in 1 click
  • Make your media speak
  • Auto designed template to make it effective
  • Take comments and feedback
  • Engage every one

All what you captured, should make sense for you

  • Get insights of every action and every information
  • Visual representation to make it simple
  • Custom reports can be made available
  • Share with stakeholders

Experience most details well designed to bring convenience

  • User friendly
  • Multilingual
  • Easy self-assist admin panel
  • Cloud secured with 99.99% availability
  • Reliable and bug free
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